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Get to know Livia Whittall, the paper flower artist and creator of Loola’s Treasures.

About the Owner

Get To Know Livia

“I was born in Hungary but when I was 19, I came to England to learn the language. As it happens, I have settled for love here and now I have two beautiful children.

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed art. Drawing, painting, crafting they made me happy and fulfilled.

Making paper flowers helped me focus my mind, helps me destress and brings me joy.

Having worked for a corporate company and having a responsible job gave me organisation skill, I can work to deadlines and under pressure.

I get inspired by all kinds of things and I am not sort of ideas.

Everything in my life centres towards love. I design, create and make everything with love and passion. Creating gives me joy and I want to make sure that my items give as much joy to those whom receiving them.”


Why are paper flowers more expensive than real ones?

…. they should be, because you must consider the fact that this is handmade work, a creative and artistic personal skill.

A process in which every paper flower is made from scratch. The paper is prepped by being painted or died for some flowers to bring realistic look.

Every Petal is cut, shaped, glued on one by one. It may take a couple of hours to make just one flower. You’re paying for the material cost, the workmanship and the hours of researching, practice and study, sourcing for the best materials and experimenting new techniques.

With every flower I learn something new. Therefore, every bouquet, flower arrangement and flower are unique and a work of art!

What materials do I use to make paper flowers?

Where I can, I use eco-friendly materials.

The Paper….

I use good quality Italian crepe paper for most of the flowers. I also use coloured paper for leaves and for some of my framed art. I use a lot of wallpaper too. I love working with paper in any texture and weight.

I use paper balls to make the flower centres and to glue the petals.

The stems I build onto a wire most of the time, but I use cane or wooden sticks too.

When I make the daffodils,(here can we add a link when klick onto daffodils and will take them to one of the products which is the daffs in the bottle?) small roses or rose buds, they are made onto reeds that I recycle from the diffusers and use the bottles from them. This way you have scented paper flowers in a nice bottle, and they will last you for many years to come. 

I use a lot of floral tape to assemble the flowers, floral tape is waxed paper, it gets activated from the heat of the fingers and makes them tack to paper.


 I do use a lot of hot glue sticks. They are quick to work with give a great hold and strengths to the flowers.

Pva glue, hi-tack glue, deco Mache, Mod Podge are nontoxic and water base glues. These are also in my everyday use.

How do I keep my packaging eco-friendly?

I use a small local business that creates packaging for my needs. They will measure my flowers and they will design the best cardboard box for me to be able to transport my flowers the safest way.

I try not to use plastic but bear in mind my products are paper, sometimes I will need to protect them from moisture.

Reducing the carbon footprint….

I am a big believer in recycling, re using and giving things a new life when possible. I also like to make sure I reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

I try and use local businesses as much as it is possible. From having my website design to buying the materials that made in England and having my packaging made for my beautiful flowers. I buy and use products from local businesses most of the time on recommendation. The power of word of mouth is still the best advertisement for your business.

How to care for your paper flowers?

The beauty of these flowers amongst many things they are low maintenance! You don’t need to water them, and they last for years to come!

There are basic rules you need to follow though. Crepe paper will get bleached by the sunlight therefore you mustn’t place your flowers on windowsills or where direct sunlight will be on them as they will discolour!

They are perfect to brighten up a shady corner in your room and they will love being on display there.

As they are made of paper you also need to keep them away from fire and water. Both elements will kill your flowers.

Upon receiving your flowers make sure when removed from packaging you teas out the leaves and some of the petals to give you the desired effect as sometimes they can get a squashed in the box during transportation.


“I started making paper flowers in early 2019 in September Ive entered a competition to design a postcard for Worcestershire innovations WINN.

Out of the many artist entered I have won the completion with my design that was based on mental health, how making flowers helped me overcome my depression and anxiety and what art and colours mean to us to help our wellbeing.

I will continue to make and develop gorgeous paper flowers for homes, birthdays, wedding, corporates for many years to come”

– Livia, Owner of Loola’s Treasures

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